Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Being a pain in the arse...

Several weekends ago, my schedule was outlined by two trips to the North Shore for dinner with Capt. Spaulding's family. Saturday night was at his eldest brother's house, celebrating a confirmation. Sunday was dinner at his parent's house since his mother was in town for said confirmation.

Both times the family made sure that I had plenty of food to eat. There were a lot of inquiries about what was GF and what wasn't.

More and more, events have to be planned with my food restrictions in mind. I hate this. I hate being a pain in the ass about changing a group situation.

This past weekend, Easter weekend, I had a similar experience. Something set off my stomach and I started to feel bad during a four-hour Easter Vigil marathon. My friend was being confirmed and receiving the eucharist (side note- if I knew it could be done as one-stop shopping, I would have totally gone this route). Having received the sacrament of confirmation as an adult, I wanted to support my friend and be there for her as she did the same. I think it's different as an adult- you're CHOOSING to do this

(did I mention it was four hours?)

Towards the end, I started to clutch Capt. Spaulding's hand as waves of cramps pulsated. I wanted to a) watch her receive her first communion and b) receive communion myself- after four hours I figured I deserved that. Finally, after the final blessing, I said quick goodbyes and my entorage left. I felt bad, because we were supposed to go out and have drinks, but all I wanted to do was go home and lay down. Unfortunately any time I get sick, the only cure seems to be time.

The momma was in town, so we ate out a lot and it;s hard to exactly say what made me ill. Overall it's very frustrating. How much my diet has to be centered around things, and how much it can effect plans. At what point does this become easier?

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  1. Hey hon,
    You are hardly a pain in the arse!!! I mean we hated having to eat those awful chocolate souffles. :)